Curatorial Proposal Series

The Curatorial Proposal Series (CPS) program at Gallery 263 lends solo and groups of artists of all experience levels the opportunity to organize and present a polished, self-curated exhibition, with the guidance and support of Gallery 263 staff. The CPS is Gallery 263’s main exhibition program, amounting to four shows annually, and is the only way to be considered for a proposed group or solo exhibition.

Twice a year we review proposed exhibitions by committee for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons respectively, and select two exhibitions for each season.

Now accepting submissions

We accept electronic submissions on a rolling basis. The next jury session will begin May 21, 2017. Only proposals submitted by that date will be considered for exhibition between June and December, 2017.

How to Apply

Applicants create two PDF documents for consideration, and apply via our online application form. Please read all of the available information, and prepare your documents as requested. All application materials, including the form, two documents, and $40 application fee, must be received by May 21 to be considered for exhibition between June and December, 2017. Two exhibitions will be chosen.

Qualifications, Restrictions & Suggestions

  • Only New England artists are eligible for consideration: MA, NH, CT, RI, VT, ME for solo proposals. For group proposals, at least 50% of participating artists must be from within New England.
  • At least 50% of work submitted for review must be from the last two years.
  • Group and solo exhibitions of all media are welcome to apply. Group proposals (of two artists or more) are encouraged.
  • Proposals must be submitted by a representative curator.  This can be the artist proposing a solo exhibition for him/herself, a representative proposing an exhibition as part of a group OR an independent curator(s) proposing an exhibition on behalf of an artist or group. The representative curator must be a New England resident.
  • Entries may either be existing or proposed work. Existing work is required for the first exhibition. All proposed installations must require less than 25% of floor surface area.  Any A/V equipment required for the exhibit will need to be provided by the artist(s). Exhibitions must be installed in under 3 days.
  • Proposals should be made in consideration of Gallery 263’s space. Visiting us before applying is strongly encouraged.

Selection Criteria

CPS submissions are reviewed by a panel of up to eight, including Gallery 263 staff, board, and one guest panelist who has participated in a recent CPS exhibition.

Gallery 263 seeks Curatorial Proposal exhibitions which:

  • present a strong curatorial thesis, and for group proposals, a tangible connection between the included artists’ work
  • promise high quality, contemporary, fresh and original artwork
  • are a good fit for Gallery 263’s space, and which negotiate well with our diverse event programming
  • benefit the local community

Many additional factors may influence the panel’s decisions for selecting Curatorial Proposal Series exhibitions. The CPS program intends to provide career development and experience for curators and visual artists, and to share high quality and thought-provoking exhibitions with our local community. Read more about our mission here.