Music: Orkestra Marhaba presents “Rhythms, Out of Time”

Local ensemble Orkestra Marhaba presents an evening of traditional Turkish music, “Rhythms, Out of Time”:

Doors at 7:30 PM, music begins at 8:00 PM

All ages, $10 suggested donation

Orkestra Marhaba is a Boston based ensemble that coalesced to introduce classical and jazz audiences to the Eastern Makam (modal) tradition. The members all bring to the table their varied musical backgrounds but connect on the inclusive power of music.

Marhaba (or ‘Merhaba’ in Turkish) can mean ‘welcome’ or ‘hello’ in Arabic and Turkish and is meant to reflect the sound of this group. Orkestra Marhaba started in 2011 when a quartet of musicians coming back from a concert talked about their shared curiosity around makam – a system of defining musical scales in Turkish classical music. As four minds are better than one, a working group of musicians in the Boston area came together every week with their different instruments to discover and strengthen their knowledge of makam and the world of Ottoman art music. Since then their ranks have grown and modified, and so has their music: performances may include Ottoman court music dating from the early 16th century to modern Turkish composers, light classical love songs called şarkı, short strophic hymns called ilahi, dance pieces such as sirto and longa, timeless folk music from the Anatolian landscape, Ayinleri (compositions for dervishes to turn to whose lyrics come from Rumi’s Mathnawi), Turkish folk songs calledtürkü, and an ever evolving series of original compositions, where minds can feel free to fly with the help of makam theory.



Groupmuse: Francesco Barone (solo classical guitar)

Francesco Barone presents an afternoon of classical guitar.

Doors at 1:30 PM, music begins at 2:00 PM. The performance will last 90 minutes with 60 minutes of music and a brief intermission. You can RSVP or reserve a spot on Groupmuse here.

All ages, $10+ suggested donation

The classical guitar repertoire is unique to the literature of the piano, violin and other traditionally classical instruments in that it is unprecedentedly influenced by American jazz and popular styles. Guitarist Francesco Barone will present a recital of pieces that draw influence from the rich musical tradition of America. The program will feature the music of Andrew York (American guitarist and composer whose compositions are inspired by American music styles), Nikita Koshkin (Russian composer who draws influence from American jazz) and Alexandre Tansman (a Polish composer who incorporated jazz harmonies into his works).

“Francesco Barone is emerging as one of the new breed of classical guitarist.  His concerts bring a strong sense of communication, artistry, and musical depth to the audience.  His commentary concerning the music being performed enhances the audiences appreciation and understanding of the performance.”
–Richard Provost, Professor of Guitar at the Hartt School

Groupmuse aims to create meaning and fulfillment in people’s lives and to change the way that people understand the role of great art in daily life. We do this by using great classical music to build local communities safely and inclusively and by empowering communities to support local professional artists. We use fair and transparent systems to make these connections wherever musicians and audiences are ready for them.